concert performance

concert performance

Victoria Hall

Offering works of art for seeing and listening is an invitation to touch our own creative potential.

Works of art wake up our inner poetic spaces, which are on standby in our everyday lives. Spaces that people who are running from one task to another in their daily lives do not have time to explore.

The Festival des Lutins will offer Geneva audiences a unique work created for the occasion in 2020 during the lock down.

This concert-performance is an exceptional event bringing together the visual arts and music. Illustrations of Sandra Albukrek and Julia Dašić along with drawings of the children from the Atelier des Lutins gave rise to an animated film custom-designed to come to life under the hands of piano virtuoso Martha Argerich accompanied by Nicholas Angelich and an orchestra of talented musicians.

This film, made for the first Festival des Lutins, will be screened during the spectacular opening concert of the Festival des Lutins at Victoria Hall.

The evening event at Victoria Hall is being handled by the AVETIS Association, experts in the organization of concerts in prestigious concert halls such as Victoria Hall – Geneva, the Tonhalle - Zürich, and Carnegie Hall – New York.

Banner: Concert performance at Victoria Hall