L'atelier des lutins' Philosophy

L'atelier des lutins' Philosophy

The Atelier des Lutins, much more than just an art school…

Founded by the multidisciplinary artist Sandra Albukrek in Paris in 2003, then in Geneva in 2011, The Atelier des Lutins association is:

An art school for children

A magical space for opening the imagination and developing creativity. A studio for dreaming, playing, feeling the magic in objects, colors, lines, movements, and materials. Imagining and creating without limits, becoming profoundly oneself.

A laboratory for ART

A team for research, experimentation and thinking about creativity led by professionals: neuroscientists, psychologists, art therapists, and artists of all fields of Art.

Sandra Albukrek attaches great importance to encounters between artists and to discovery of different forms of art. To retain the exchange freshness, she invites every year, to the Atelier, high-level artists, experienced and open to the world of children. This experience gave rise to the Festival des Lutins.

Through artistic experimentation, free exploration of techniques, respect for each person's rhythm, playfulness and laughter ... Far from stereotypes, from all judgment, in a benevolent and full of poetry, Atelier des lutins allows the child to become aware of his imagination and his creativity, he thus acquires an essential tool for a fulfilled adult life.

Creativity is a vital resource, source of well-being and resilience. When creative, the individual aligns with himself and makes himself present here and now. It is through play that the artists at the Atelier des Lutins allow children to immerse themselves in art.

Brushes, words, lines, sounds… Stories, tales, dance, improvisation, free painting, illustration, book creation… any technique is only a means at the service of the game of creativity, this field if mysterious, nevertheless of expertise of the Atelier des Lutins.

"It is in playing and only in playing that the individual child or adult is able to be creative and to use the whole personality, and it is only in being creative that the individual discovers the self."
Donald W. Winnicott


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